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Re: devfs and tmpfs

On Mon, 1 Apr 2002, dman wrote:

> I remember that guy.  He had some trouble understanding that /tmp is
> for temporary stuff and $HOME is for doing work.

It reminds me of a few years ago when I was working as a tech intern at
large on my high school campus and some teacher in the Community School
(the dropouts coming back in and reformed junkie school[1]) had put in a
ticket to the tech staff explaining that they were having some problems
with getting Lotus Notes (which the district used before we managed to
convince them to use a real email system, since they didn't use it as
groupware) on thier Mac.  So I go over there, and there's nearly no
space left on the Mac.  There was ~100 MB of stuff in the trash, and a
lot of people had stored thier homework in the temporary folder that was
supposed to be cleaned every week by the teacher and everybody knows
that thier stuff isn't safe there, trashed that.  Emptied trash.
Installed Lotus Notes without a problem.  Later that afternoon I get an
email from them asking where all thier files went.  I go back over there
and ask him where they were kept.  "In the trash can!"

And a new entry gets submitted to Computer Stupidities (though for
whatever reason they replaced "school" with "company").

[1] We had an interesting combo.  The oldest school on campus was School
of Science and Technology, which I attended.  It'll be 10 next year.
We shared a campus with some really good programs like Night School, for
those of us who couldn't do the day thing, and Evening Academy for those
needing or wanting to get some more credits.  Also on campus (though
unpopular with the tech students having to share space with them and the
general public as a whole, both groups not wishing to waste tax dollars
on them) were Community School, and the wildly unpopular Continuing
Education for Young Parents.  I really missed my freshman year when it
was just the tech school in the building and lots of room for expansion
before it filled the otherwise empty building, as I understand it now,
they're fighting hard with the other daytime programs to keep the space
they do have, and the alumni has taken up the fight.


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