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Re: Debain admin book?

hi ya

an experienced unix/linux admin would be looking
to buy the book(s) and aking for refunds if its work related..

think you're looking for soemthing like


for debian (howto) install and get around some silly hw problems...
	.. some url ..

for debian security stuff

configure your sources.list (correctly) and magic happens :-)

rest of the *nix stuff is fairly generic

c ya

- tons of linux books... too many tree's been sacrificed... :-)

On Mon, 1 Apr 2002, Grant Edwards wrote:

> Can anybody recommend a decent book on Debian system
> administration?  I stopped at the local computer store on my way
> home and browsed through books published by the usual suspects.
> IIRC, I looked at Learning D Linux, D Unleashed, The D Bible.
> They were all very generic Linux books with "Debian" pasted
> onto the cover and some screenshots of a Debian installer stuck
> into one chapter.  90+ percent of the content was stuff like
> "intro to Java programming" "using the Gnome desktop" and
> various other stuff that's got nothing to do with Debian except
> for the fact that you could do it on a Debian machine.
> I'm looking for a good source of info that's specific to Debian
> systems.  Something I can hand to an experienced Unix/Linux
> administrator who hasn't done Debian stuff before.
> I had high hopes for "Debian GNU/Linux: Guide to Installation
> and Usage" as mentioned under "Manuals" at
> http://www.debian.org/doc/, but following the link to New
> Riders yields nothing. Apparently the book is out of print.  :(

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