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Re: ROX eating memory?

On 01-Apr-2002 Nils-Erik Svangård wrote:
> Hi!
> I'm running unstable, on an AMD XP1800, 512 Mb.
> My free swap and memory seems to be less and less for every day that
> goes by. I have 19 days uptime with 2.4.18.
> If I start a VNC server the same thing happens, after a while that
> process starts using 97% of the CPU and the swap just fills up. That can
> be a unrelate problem.
>  Right now X is using 160Mb of the swap and 10% of the mem. Should X
> have such big memory mark?
> Using ps to check that process it seems that the largest chunk used by
> that process is in the adress range 081bd000-1014f000 , size 130632Mb
> offset 00000000, device 3,5 inode 0, file (anonymous).
> The other users on my system dont have the same problem when using vnc,
> the only difference is that I use ROX. I dont know if that is related.
> I use blackbox.
> Does anyone know what is happening?

some programs which set the root image fail to clean up after themselves.  So
if you change your wallpaper often this could be a culprit.  ROX may also be

Not that I am saying this for certain, but I have heard nothing on the blackbox
list about leaks.

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