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Re: toshiba laptop support

	I'm not sure of the particulars of that specific model; however
I've had a very good track record with ANY Toshiba laptop in the past. I
currently have a Satellite Pro 4600 runnin Debian Woody without a
problem... This was install'd with Potato and upgraded... The only major
issue I had was with XFree86 and that was caused by the new Trident
CyberBladeXP video card which I solved by using framebuffer...


On Mon, Apr 01, 2002 at 04:11:49PM -0500, chris Parker wrote:
> Has anyone gotten a toshiba satellite 1005-S157 to work under potato?  I
> haven't been able to get it to even boot---pci unsupported(unknown pci).
> Would really appreciate a link or how-to, possibly even someone else's way
> to set it up.  Debian RULES.  Unfortunately I am running win2k/mandrake
> now----really want my Debian back though.!!!!
> Thanks for any that reply.

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