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Problems with dselect: always wants to install same 71 packages

I'm evaluating Debian as the possible Linux distro to ship on a
SBC/PC104 product.  So, I've been trying to install 2.2r5 on an
old 486 machine with 28M of RAM and 265M of disk space.  It's
not going well...

I do rescue/boot/drivers from floppies, then base via network.

I add packages for the "C development" task, since I need to
compile an extra driver module.

Everything _seems_ to go smoothly, and it tells me the install
is done.

I log in as root, and run dselect.  I scroll through the
packages selection list without changing anything. 

When I do the "Install" step, it always wants to install a
whole bunch of packages (71 to be exact) including such
disk-hogs as emacs.

I never selected any of those packages for installation.  Why
does dselect want to install them?

I've reinstalled twice from scratch, and it has done the same
thing every time.

Grant Edwards

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