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Re: why use sendmail?

dman wrote:

> Will KMail automatically try at ever-increasing intervals for a given
> amount of time and then genarate a bounce that _will_ be delivered to
> the sender if the mesasge can't be delivered?  For the first point, if
> you quit KMail it certainly can't.  I imagine it requires you to press
> a button again to have it retry.

>From the perspective of someone with a standalone box and dialup connection 
I'm not sure that's desirable behaviour, but yes if interval mail checking 
and dial on demand were enabled I'm sure that would be possible. I'm not 
suggesting that people with permanent connections and/or a network dump exim 
and start configuring kmail on every box they own to do smtp. That would be 
ludicrous. See my reply to the person who started this thread.

>  For the second point, it is
> impossible.  After all, the failure occured because kmail can't get to
> the server that is supposed to handle delivery.  If it generates a
> bounce, then it would have to transfer it to the server it can't get
> to for delivery.

For a dial up connection its your ISP's mailservers that handle the bouncing. 
All kmail is doing is placing returned undeliverable messages back in the 
users outbox so that another attempt can be made to deliver them.

>  I also question how complete and robust any MUA's
> SMTP implementation is.  An MTA isn't a trivial project.

Short of examining the code (not that I'm capable of it ;-) ) that can only 
ever be a subjective opinion.

> I'm not discrediting KMail in any way, I just don't believe that any
> MUA should try and handle SMTP.

For the case of a standalone box without permanent connection I have to 
disagree. Keep it simple.

Simon Hepburn.

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