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X resources the Debian way


How does one set some individual application properties the Debian way?

If I start a console application from the Debian menues it will by
default start in a maximized terminal window.
Allthough what environment that terminal has I'm not quite sure of,
as mc startc in black and white by default (without the -c switch)
whereas it starts in color mode if I start it from within a 'normal'
gnome or xterm.

I have set my default Gnome Terminal properties to some nice values,
which I don't want to change just for mc, but could I set separate
values for starting specific applications?
e.g start in a maximized window and also the font size to use ...

I'm not an X expert, but I think this is supposed to be done with
some Xresources somehow...

Can someone please explain me the proper way to do this?

Many thanks for your help in advance!
best regards,

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