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Re: why use sendmail?

On Sat, Mar 30, 2002 at 11:40:41PM +0000, John Lord wrote:
| Hi folks,
| Just a simple question realy, why should I use sendmail in conjunction with 
| KMail, rather than let KMail do the job?

Use exim.  It is easier to configure right, and has had fewer security
exploits found in it.

| I'm sorry but I can't see the reason why, but there probably is one. I have 
| sat reading the various files about setting it up, but have drawn a blank. 
| Having a bit of a confusing time atm ;-)

The reason is that KMail is not a proper SMTP client.  The RFCs (821,
2821) state that if a message can't be delivered to the next server in
charge, then it must keep the message and retry later.  It can't just
say "oh, well" and give up.  KMail (along with Lookout and every other
User Agent) doesn't do this.  It is better to use a local pipe, which
will only fail if your system is hosed in some way, and then let a
full-blown MTA do the delivery.



Microsoft is to operating systems & security ....
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