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Re: vpn mystery

We usually use FreeS/WAN (an ipsec implimentation)


Its fast, and rock solid secure.  Its somewhat of a pain to set up, but
there is a rather large community to help with setup.  We support
FreeS/WAN commercially where I work however:  http://www.linuxbox.nu

Arthur H. Johnson II
Catechist, St John Catholic Church, Davison MI USA
President, Genesee County Linux Users Group
Debian GNU/Linux Advocate

On Sun, 24 Mar 2002, will trillich wrote:

> i've got two remote subnets connected ala 'virtual private
> network' through the internet. but there's some oddness going
> on.
> i'm using debian potato and the "ip tunnel add"/"ifconfig" tools
> to set up the tunnel.
> anybody around these parts have any experience with VPN this
> way? i'd love to pick your brain for a moment or two, if you can
> help me out...

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