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Re: php and ms access database advice

On Tue, Mar 26, 2002 at 01:28:52PM -0800, justin cunningham wrote:
| Hello, I've been searching for a solution and this link is the closest
| I've come (nicely done by the way) though was wondering if someone here
| had a more efficient execution to recommend.  
| http://www.phpbuilder.com/columns/siddarth20000228.php3

I haven't read this yet (I don't think), but I will look closer since
I too must connect apache/linux with MS Access.

| Currently I have a few perl and php4 scripts writing data to text files
| i.e. name; email; option a; or b; or c; etc.  I then pass the text files
| to clients who have been recording the data into ms access.  Now they
| want me to set it up such that the same data can be written directly to
| an access.mdb.
How flexible are your requirements?  I found out that you can create a
.mdb file in Access that links in a table via ODBC.  You can use
PostgreSQL or MySQL on your linux box (reliability, performance,
security, etc) and still use the MS Access GUI (if you like that).
This is what I would do, if I could.  (in my case the other app that
needs to use the db goes straight to the Jet engine and can't be
redirected through ODBC)

I am only aware of three other solutions :
    o   pay mega $$ for a commercial unix ODBC driver to connect to
        the Access db
        (not feasible in my situation)

    o   run your webserver on windows and use the free ($$) windows
        ODBC driver or COM to access the db
        (ugh, also not happening here since linux handles the
        server-side tasks :-))

    o   Create your own server to run on windows.  It uses MS' ODBC
        driver to operate on the Access db.  Through CORBA, a client
        on the Linux box can use your custom server as a proxy to
        access the database.
        (the solution I'm going to be implementing)


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