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 Hello Jonathan,

   I am sorry to hear that Debian lists are giving you trouble.

   There have been at least 2 other people experiencing this problem
     in the last couple of days,
     so it seems Debian's automated mailinglist unsubscription is indeed
having problems.

   I have forwarded your email to listmaster@lists.debian.org .
   I dont know whether you already did this too,
     but anyway it shouldnt hurt.

   If this doesnt result in contact with listmaster in a couple of days
     then I will make sure some more influential Debian maintainers know
about it.
     (they may well already know about it).
   I am confident that this will result in correction of this unpleasant

   In case you didnt mail listmaster about this problem some time ago,
     i would like to ask you to have some more patience,
     as an instantaneous reaction would be too much to expect.

   Meanwhile, please rest assured that this problem is being addressed.


   p.s.  please note that many people writing to debian-user are not
Debian maintainers,
         i dont think spamming these could do you any good.

   p.p.s  i read threats of some people to be nasty toward you,
          in response to your 'spamming' them,
          and i would like you to know that i am mailing them to request
            not to take any actions against you,
          because i think this 'spamming' was perceived by you as a last

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