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FW: Help with firing up modules on demand

If you put anything in /etc/modutils/, "update-modules" will insert them
into /etc/modules.conf. This is not what you want.

What you may have to do is, call "insmod <module>" in the startup script
for your device. Like alsasound in /etc/init.d/. Don't create any links
to this from /etc/rc?.d/ directories. Run this file manuall whenever you
want, to load the modules & start the drivers or daemons.

| From: Yobb [mailto:yobb@home.com] 
| I think I have read all the relevant docs regarding setting 
| up my system to auto load modules but I am still somewhat unsure.
| I put the name of the module in /etc/modules if I want it 
| fired up on boot.  This is not really what I want!  I want 
| the modules to start up when they are required (like my sound 
| card modules for example.)  
| I think that I have to make a new file in /etc/moduitls with 
| lines in it the same format as is detailed in the man page 
| for modules.conf.
| Your advice is appreciated.

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