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installing debian


   Hi, I have been trying to install Debian for a couple of days now, i get 
throught  the process untill i reach where i have to pick which dictionary i 
want to use as a default, when i click which, nothing happens, so i'm 
assuming I have picked the wrong keyboard, now with each new install i have 
picked a different keyboard, mine is a turbio-media, 105 keys , now i have an 
adapter to go into the back of the computer (its a TX) i am using an adapter 
to change the keyboard fitting from a  9 pin (male) to a 5 pin (male) to fit 
in the computer, could someone please tell me which keyboard i should be 
using. I' a new user, so can it be in plain english please.              

Thanking you  Mrs C.J.Holster

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