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Re: dosemu

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From: "Phil Reardon" <pcr@pcrt.com>
To: "Cheryl Homiak" <chomiak@chartermi.net>;
Sent: Wednesday, March 20, 2002 4:08 PM
Subject: Re: dosemu

> I installed dosemu on my potato box to try to help Cheryl, but it did
> give me any man or info pages.  Who maintains dosemu, anyway?


shows Herbert Xu <herbert@debian.org> as the maintainer of this package.

Havent looked at it in depth but it seems that it strongly prefers X and
at least in some cases seems like it just wont work in console mode.

Kind Regards,

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> Phil Reardon
> > I've tried doing this several ways; my most recent, which I realize
> > totally accurate, was to put '/dev/hda2" under the hdimage entry in
> > dosemu.conf. This actually did get me some results as I was able to
> > wp5.1 with this setup, but it had other problems. For one thing,
> > apparently bypassed the commands in /usr/lib/dosemu so I couldn't
exit not
> > having access to the exitemu command. Of course, once could copy
> > commands to /dev/hda1 (/dos when mounted) but that made me wonder if
I was
> > also bypassing other important things by this setup. I'm also
confused by
> > the link to
> > /var/lib/dosemu whic contains freedos. Do I still want this stuff in
> > /var/lib/dosemu to be there since i'm not using freedos. Also
there's an
> > autoexec.bat in the /var/lib/dosemu/freedos directory, but most of
> > commands there seem to relate to freedos. Are there any commands
from that
> > autoexec.bat that I need or extra ones that i need to put into my
> > autoexec.bat in /dev/had2 to have this run correctly?
> > My second problem, which may or may not be caused simply by the fact
that I
> > don't have this set up correctly, is that I can't get my com ports
to work.
> > I do have the appropriate /dev indications in my /etc/dosemu.conf in
> > com lines, and if i try to copy something to a braille storage
device I
> > have on com2, I'm told the file was copied but com2, with my storage
> > device, is never actually being accessed.
> > I really do usually try to figure out thing on my own with linux
> > running to a list, but this is getting me totally frustrated and
> > just reading the docs again isn't going to help me if I'm not
> > some key points. Help would be appreciated.
> > TIA.
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