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Re: How can I find out what package contains the Gnome dictionaty aplet?

On Wed, 2002-03-20 at 23:52, stan wrote: 
> Somewhere along the line, one of my dslect upgrades must have removed the 
> Gnome dictionary aplet, but I cna't seem to find it in the dselect list.
> Is there a tool that I can use to search the avaialble packages & see
> what package conyains this?


It's gdict by the way. 

$ apt-cache search dict | less 
$ apt-cache show gdict 

I tried: 
apt-cache search dict | grep -i 'gnome' 

But that failed because it is listed as a GTK application: 

$ apt-cache search dict | grep -i 'gtk' 
gdict - small GTK app to retrieve definitions from MIT's dictionary
gidic - A simple GTK Dictionary 
pydict - an English/Chinese Dictionary written with python/gtk 
wordinspect - GTK-based Dictionary Client 


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