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Re: Cannot login using root password

 --- Kevin Strong <kstrong@cghospital.org> wrote: >
Folks, I have a problem. I cannot login to my debian
> system using the root
> password but I can login using other users logins.
> Is there anything I can
> do to regain the ability to login as root other than
> rebuilding the
> server.Thanks for the help in advance.

Hi Kevin

You can do it this way.  If you use lilo, boot the
kernel using with the parameters below 

boot: linux init=/bin/sh

This will boot you into a basic shell.

Now mount the root file system

bash# mount -o remount / -rw

and with that done you can change the password

bash# passwd

Now reboot your system as you normally would and you
can log into root using your new password.

If you don't use Lilo you can still do this with a
boot disk.

Hope this helps Cheers Geoff


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