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Re: Printing through Samba

> Yep, plenty of ink :] It's like when it's getting sent via smbclient
> all 
> the data of the file is just tossed, so it starts a printjob and feeds
> it 
> no info and the print job says 'I'm done!'.
> What is cups? People keep mentioning it. Is it able to print through a
> windows shared printer?

I thought it was only for Unix. But, their
website (http://www.cups.org/) seems to say

<<Normally, the Windows NT versions work
flawlessly with CUPS. You get them from
the manufacturer's website or from any MS
Windows PC that has the PostScript driver for
this printer installed. Put a copy into your
/usr/share/cups/model/ directory to make it
available for installation through the web


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