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Re: Mail server for local lan

Many thanks to all posters!

Everyone suggests imap, and I am aware of its advantages.  Probably
will use imap at some point.  All users are accustomed to POP3 at this
point (Wife Daughter me).  And since this is just a first run at
getting it working, I'm going to try to setup popa3d as server.  I'm
not familiar with setting up imap at all so think I'll warm up on
POP3.  This won't really be for real users yet.  Just a couple I threw
in to experiment with.  I'm leaving my users real mail alone until I
get a good idea of what to do.  You're probably guessing I'm a little
scared of my wife, but you'd be wrong, its my daughter thats
dangerous...shes only 12 but has shown strong killer instinct.... hehe.

I think I get the idea concerning the tcpwrappers and inetd interplay.
I haven't actually tried it yet but thought I'd post the inetd.conf
line I think is close and get and idea if its likely to work.

And ask a bit more about something I didn't really expect any trouble
with, but ran into some confusion about fetchmail.

First the inetd.conf line:

  pop3  stream  tcp  nowait  root  /usr/sbin/tcpd  /usr/sbin/popa3d

I wasn't real sure about running as root, maybe it should be popa3d.
A popa3d user was created when I installed it.

Now the confusion about fetchmail:

I didn't have it installed since I was setup so far, only to send
mail.  But on install, I got several confusing messages popped up in a
dialog box about having to edit /etc/default/fetchmail.  I didn't
really follow the presentation that well but it revolved around
/etc/default/fetchmail overiding stuff in /etc/fetchmailrc.

After install I started to look at the files but discovered there was
no /etc/fetchmailrc.  Further I don't remember doing anything like
this on my past dozen or so setups of fetchmail.  (It has been a while

Turning to man fetchmail for help, I find no mention of
/etc/default/fetchmail or /etc/fetchmailrc.  Just discussion of the 
~/.fetchmailrc stuff I'm used to.

In fact the only mention of /etc/fetchmail in any context there is
/etc/fetchmail.pid.  Apparently the manpage knows nothing about this

I haven't read all the stuff in /usr/share/doc/fetchmail-common yet
but the README.Debian.gz makes no mention either.

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