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Re: Mail server for local lan

On Fri, Mar 15, 2002 at 02:49:30PM -0800, Harry Putnam wrote:
> The things I'm really unsure about are:
> 1) What daeman do I need to have running (pop3d Imapd...).  I intend
>    to have other household machines retreive via pop3 from this
>    server.

Well, you'll first have to decide where you want your users to keep
their old mail.  Does everyone has it's own privat machine to do
his/her mail, or are there times that one is on a different machine,
yet still needs to access old mail?  In the latter case a pop3 server
isn't suited, it's geared to downloading *all* mail and stuffing it
locally. To bad when you do it whilst on a different machine:( IMAP on
the other hand was designed just to make this possible.  So if I where
you I would dedignate one machine to be the mail repository, have all
users receive mail there and stuff there old mail there too.

So make up your mind and use *IMAP*

> 2) Do other machine users really have to have accounts on debian box?
>    or just a mailbox at /var/mail?

That depends on what programs you use.
> 3) If I have a daemon running, is it possible to setup so that it only
>    runs when a machine connects.
> 4) How can I bar any machines that are not 192.xxx.xxx from the
>    143/110 port.

both can be solved with *(x)inet.d*
> 5) what do I have to tell exim in order for it to know to send the
>    other machines outgoing mail to my isp smart_host.

you should make it *relay* for them.

> 6) can all this be made invisible to the internet, so that a scan will
>    not show 143/110 as running or open?

yep, and it should!
You get your mail with fetchmail, so there is no need to have the port
visible to the outside.
groetjes, carel

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