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Re: Interfaces configuration and tap0

Hi Philippe!

On Thu, 14 Mar 2002, Philippe Raxhon wrote:

> Thanks a lot (I had forgoten that line) but I still have tap0 on 
> startup, but not in single mode, so it's probably a daemon that is 
> setting it. The real problem is that tap0 is set has the default route, 
> and I still have to do;
> ifconfig tap0 down
> or change the default route:
> route add default gw xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx dev ppp0

i don't kow what tap0 is and why it's brought up... propably some isdn

anyway, try using /etc/gateways (see man 5 gateways) for your default

> > put the it into /etc/environment and it should work
> >
> It works for all of them except when I try to add some path to PATH, 
> gnome doesn't want to start. Is this syntax correct:
> knowing JAVAHOME and ANT_HOME are set the lines before.
> This syntax is certainly not correct. It's the one I have in 
> /etc/profiles and, in a TTY, I still can't run java or ant and don't see 
> them in the PATH when typing: set | less

hmmm, try 

what java runtime do you use? i use the ibm and i don't need a JAVA_HOME
environment variable to get it to work.

yours martin
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