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Re: Kernel question

    "Charles" == Charles Parker <charles_parker@hotmail.com> writes:

    Charles> I don't see a 2.4 kernel in the stable Debian
    Charles> packages. I've been told it's usually NOT a good idea to
    Charles> take a kernel directly from kernel.org because it won't
    Charles> contain the customizations provided by your distribution,
    Charles> and things will likely break. I've also been told to use
    Charles> a 2.4 kernel for better USB support (which started this
    Charles> whole thing).

I actually went to Woody mostly so I could use the USB ports on my
laptop like I wanted to. I have not tried using 2.4.x kernels on
potato, though I heard there were reasons not to. With woody I got

AFAIK there's no reason you can't use a kernel.org kernel on
Debian. Just follow the instruction in /usr/doc/kernel-package/README


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