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Re: mozilla-psm installed but not https

begin  Bill Moseley  quotation:

> Did I miss a step or is a dependency missing?
> I had mozilla installed on Sid.  But couldn't got to a SSL site.  Installed 
> mozilla-psm, but still same situation.
> Granted all I did was apt-get install mozilla-psm, and poke around google.  
> Still seems like that should have got my https working.

Yes, that should have done it. mozilla-browser + mozilla-psm should be
able to do https. It works for me on both Debian and Windows, and I
don't think I had to do anything else on either platform to make it

Try running mozilla from the command line, being careful _not_ to
redirect stdout or stderr, and see if it says anything interesting after
a failure to reach a secure site.

One possibility is that you're behind a firewall that doesn't let you
get out on the https port. That's unlikely if you're at home, but I've
seen some truly insane corporate network admins who restricted outbound
as well as inbound connections. At one job I was at a couple of years
ago, I had to specially request that the admin open the NTP port so I
could keep my clocks in sync!


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