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RE: Everything about Sendmail is Slow

Ok, I made all the changes to the resolv.conf and hosts files.
Now when I run the sendmail -bt -d0.13 command it doesn't give any
errors about not being qualified, so that's good!  But, I'm still having
the same problem with sendmail responding slowly. :(

I did a bunch of nslookups and so far it all looks good, the server is
set to resolve with itself through bind which had no problem with every
valid name I could throw at it. You still think it's a name resolution
>no upgrades or anything ?

Yep, I'm the only one that administers this server with root access and
besides adding users and forwarding one port now and then I haven't
touched it. 

We did switch to a new ISP about a month ago, so the DNS and IP address
was updated to reflect this, but everything worked great for 2 weeks
after the changes.  That's like the only change.

This is a non profit organization so they have little money to fix
things, and most of my time here is volunteer based for them, but I like
to do it because I get to learn all about Linux in the process.
So, is there any other cool commands I could try to diagnose this thing,
or a even a good documentation on troubleshooting.  I have looked all
over the net for troubleshooting docs, along with this 800 page Sendmail
manual I have and no one seems to offer much help in that area.

Otherwize, I could try to upgrade Sendmail to the newest version, maybe
that would fix it.



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Sent: Monday, March 04, 2002 2:16 PM
To: Dave Scott
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Subject: RE: Everything about Sendmail is Slow

On Mon, 4 Mar 2002, Dave Scott wrote:

> Richard, thanks for the help :)

no problem, we'll get this squared away quickly...

> As far as the "sendmail -bt -d0.13" command.  It comes up with a error
> half way though that says:  "WARNING: local host name (localhost) is
> qualified; fix $j in config file

This isn't good, and is likely 99% of your problem

> ADDRESS TEST MODE (ruleset 3 NOT automatically invoked)"

Normal, don't worry about that

> -------------------
> The hosts file reads
>                 localhost        rapids
> mail.server.ip.address    rapids.mydomain.org         rapids

I'd remove the 'rapids' from the line...

> ---------------
> The resolv.conf reads
> nameserver
> search     rapids.mydomain.org
> nameserver
> nameserver

That should say search mydomain.com !  Otherwise, it tries to qualify
every host with 'rapids.mydomain.com'

> -----------
> The hostname file reads
> Rapids

no problem here

> Now, this all seems weird because this mail server was functioning
> totally fine up to a week ago and no one was in there doing anything.

no upgrades or anything ?

> Any command you give to the sendmail system takes about 1 minute to
> minute and half to respond, not just the mailq command, the sendmail
> command also takes time, basically if you try to talk to sendmail
> anything there is a delay, even if the mailq is totally empty there is
> still a delay, is this normal, because it always responed quickly
> this happened.
>  --------------
> Do you think that message about localhost not being qualified is the
> culprit?

Most definetly... the first thing sendmail does is a gethostbyname call,
and it does this for pretty much every invocation...

Rick Nelson
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