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Re: OT: ping puzzler

On Tue, 5 Mar 2002, Nigel Pauli wrote:

> I'd be grateful if someone can set my mind at rest on this one.
> I've got a network A DHCP server running on NT4 
> at looks after a scope running from to 
> with to excluded from the scope.
> As you can see I've got plenty of leftover addresses to play with and 
> I've used all the ones to on various statically 
> addressed servers.
> Today I was setting up a new box and thought I'd better check if 
> was available so I pinged and got a reply; but as far 
> as I know nothing is using that IP address. The same happens for 
> and but once I move into double figures ( I 
> get what I expect i.e., no reply.
> Is it possible that some card is replying on more than one address or 
> do I need to get out there and find who or what is stealing my 
> bandwidth?
> Nigel
I'd start one of those pings and then go look at my hub...

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