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Re: security vs. potato?

On Wed, Feb 27, 2002 at 07:03:56AM -0600, will trillich wrote:
> according to packages.debian.org/ssh2 there is no ssh2 package
> available for potato/stable.
> i suppose this is a conundrum for the developers -- normally
> security fixes are beamed back to potato in a hurry, but ssh
> (version 1) has security troubles, and to fix them would
> introduce a new package (ssh2) which is against 'stable'
> policy...
> what's the fix for a potato production server? can ssh2 be had
> from nonstandard apt sources for potato?

Get ssh2 from elsewhere (not the ideal solution, but it works).

There's alcove labs (www.alcove.com), and I think there may be other
sources for ssh2... (The australian mirror seemed to have new ssl
packages under ftp.au.debian.org/debian-kde, IIRC -- not sure about 



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