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Re: sending a mail message to a new user when account has been created

On Sat, 2002-02-23 at 19:19, Faheem Mitha wrote:

> > In your account creation script:
> >
> >   cat README | mail -e -s "Subject of your message" new_user@address
> Would /usr/local/sbin/adduser.local be an appropriate place to put this?
> Man adduser says " If the file /usr/local/sbin/adduser.local exists, it
> will be executed after the user account has been set up in order to do any
> local setup.  The arguments passed to adduser.local are:  username uid gid
> home-directory".
> So perhaps something like
> cat README | mail -e -s "please read this information for new users" username@localhost  ?

It sounds like a sensible place to put it.

Try it and see!

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