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Re: 3c905c-TX-M hangs with much traffic (UPDATE)

<quote who="Sebastiaan">
> On Fri, 22 Feb 2002, Dimitri Maziuk wrote:

> I removed a TV card, and all is left is the video card and the
> network card, but still the same problem.

i reccomend joining the 3c59x mailing list and posting there.
this is a very common problem on eepro cards(im on the
eepro mailing list), and may be a common problem on
the 3c59x cards(im not on that list). the benefit is you
will probably get the feedback of the driver maintainer himself,
donald becker who personally answers(or at least helps) a
lot of questions on the eepro list.

it is likely you will not find an easy solution other then
swap cards, swap MBs, run diagnostics, maybe switch to
another vendor. problems like this are hard to diagnose
and even harder to solve in my reading of the eepro mailing

most of my systems use eepro or 3c59x cards but their
bandwidth utilization is so low(most average under 10kB/s)
that i do not encounter this problem.


should be the list you want.

good luck


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