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Re: Newbie install help

Hi Paul!

On Sat, 23 Feb 2002, Paul McKinley wrote:

> I am new to Debian Linux. I have a very slow internet access and its not
> flat rate. How would I go about downloading the bare minimum in order to
> get a Linux box to boot? My system is an AMD Athlon 1.33GHz, with 1GB
> RAM. I need no sound, I do need Ethernet drivers, my cards are Kingston
> KNE100TX, and AMD PCnet. 

the absolute minimum i can think of is the install disks plus basedebs (if
you use woody). 

> I need a bare minimum kernel with which I can build the 2.4.17 kernel; I
> therefore need GCC and the kernel package. 

to compile a debian conform custom kernel you need make, libc6, fileutils,
kernel-package, perl5, dpkg, dpkg-dev, debianutils, gcc, cpp, kernel source 
(~22 mb tar.bz2, ~28 mb tar.gz), tar, gzip and (or?) bzip2

> I need not have X to begin with, just be able to get it once the kernel
> is booted.

apt-get is your friend, if you want to install x it will download and
install what's necessary

> My mainboard is ASUS A7V 133, my harddisks are on a Promise ATA100 RAID
> controller and two are in RAID-0, two are in RAID-1. My cdrom drives are
> on the standard IDE controllers.

the id raid stuff does not work with linux. you need a seperate disk to
partition or use existing partitions from the raid-1 disks. if you want
raid-1 with linux use software raid.

> I have Windows 2000 (SP2) installed already, so ideally would like to
> dualboot. I have had some bad experiences with Linux installers
> overwriting the windows bootloader, how do I avoid this?

i prefere linux to overwrite the win2k installer, you can easily configure
lilo for dual boot by adding win2k to the other section. however the
debian install explicitely asks you if you want to make the system
bootable from harddisk. if you say no lilo won't be installed, you should
make a boot disk to access you linux installation.

i don't know if the win2k bootloader can boot linux, but lilo can boot

yours martin
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