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CD-RW as user; newbie question.


I have been been successful at hooking-up a external SCSI CD-RW and
using the following utilities as root:


I would prefer user accessibility to these resources.

In haste, I issued the following (according to CD-Writing HOWTO):

chown 4111 /usr/bin/cdrecord

Now, the sole user of this machine, me (barry), can use cdrecord without
being root. This is a home machine, only typically used by me.

I'm not sure what the '4111' accomplishes. As an example, I'm more
accustomed to something like 'u+w', etc. I am aware there is an
alternate scheme of chown options using numeric arguments.

In my reading I've seemed to come across statements that '4111' is
associated with running the process as root, and this opens some
potential security gaps.

I've now made a group, 'cdrw', and put myself in the group. From


I am user barry.

The external SCSI CD-RW is attached to scd0, so I made that device
file a member or group, 'cdrw'. eg.

brw-rw----    1 root     cdrw      11,   0 Feb  2 23:16 /dev/scd0

I believe the driver /dev/sg* is needed, so I also made those dev files
a member of 'cdrw', eg.

crw-------    1 root     cdrw      21,   0 Feb  2 23:16 /dev/sg0

I don't believe I need to change the group of the binaries cdparanoia
and cdrdao.

Unfortunately when I issue either cdrdao or cdparanoia commands, I don't
have access to the SCSI device.

I'm using Debian Potato.

Looking forward to suggestions,
Barry Mathieu

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