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RAID 1 setup on woody

Hi --

I need some help setting up RAID 1 on a fresh Woody
install. The software is newer than the docs,
particularly for Lilo, so any help from those with
experience would be most appreicated.

My hda and hdc drives are identical in size. hda is
divided into multiple partitions -- / (/dev/hda2),
/boot (/dev/hda1), /home (/dev/hda5), /usr
(/dev/hda6), /var (/dev/hda7). There is nothing on hdc
yet. My plan was to mirror all of hda onto hdc so if
there was a drive failure for one drive the system
would be fully functional.

If anyone has a similar setup already working, I'd
love to see their /etc/raidtab and lilo.conf files
with a brief description of how to get it working
without deleting anything on hda (i.e., reformating
the drive).

Otherwise, the questions I'm grappling with are:

-  Can I create a single RAID device (md0) that
mirrors all of the hda/c, or do I need to create
separate RAID devices for each partition(md0, md1,

-  Assuming I need one for each partition, what are
people's thoughts on skipping / and /boot RAID? This
is the most intimidating part from reading the docs,
but it would seem to lessen the value of RAID

-  Is the Boot+Root+RAID Howto still accurate,
particularly for Lilo? It was written before the Lilo
in Woody and it's not clear to me what still applies.
There's now a RAID boot option in Lilo which I'm not
sure how it would effect things like boot= and root=.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.


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