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Re: bind9 stupidity

On Wed, Feb 20, 2002 at 02:09:02PM -0800, Paul 'Baloo' Johnson wrote:
> Stopping domain name service: namedrndc: connection to remote host
> closed
> This may indicate that the remote server is using an older version of
> the command protocol, this host is not authorized to connect,
> or the key is invalid.
> .
> Yeah, nice.  This isn't even mentioned in the docs...  So how to fix it?

I think you'll find you've got /etc/bind/rndc.conf lying
around from 9.1.0 revisions of bind. If you remove it,
bind9 and rndc'll use rndc.key, which means they'll
actually work.

If you don't have rndc.key, try
rndc-confgen -a

There was a brief note about that change in the package's
scripts. Or so I remember, anyway. :-)

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