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Re: KMail

On Thursday 21 February 2002 05:48 pm, Curtis Vaughan wrote:
> I don't know if this is an appropriate question for this list, but here
> goes.
> After updating to woody and the KDE therein, I have the following problem
> with KMail.  Every time I try to attach something to a letter, it crashes.
> Anyone had the same problem?  Any ideas how to fix this?

now that the actually essential parts of woody are operational, jump up to 
sid--assuming that you did upgrade the apt and dpkg tools. woody bugged the 
hell out of me while i was there, and all of those discontents evaporated on 
the upgrade to sid. running woody is like flying business class and thinking 
that the worst thing that could happen up in first class is that they should 
ever run out of peanuts. in sid, the peanuts are replaced within mere 
minutes, and kde, kmail, and etc., are the mints on your pillow. to enhance 
the pleasure of the journey, i recommend the 2.4.17 kernel. think about it. 
it's worth the effort.


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