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Re: [OT] Price / performance & Software RAID / Hardware RAID / IDE / SCSI

* Alvin Oga (aoga@Maggie.Linux-Consulting.com) spake thusly:
> ji ya dimi
> > 
> > There are motherboards with hardware ATA-100 RAID controllers,
> > these would give you the best bang per buck (if the controller
> > is well supported by the kernel): cheap IDE drives + high
> > performance of RAID.
> none of those onboard raid stuff works ...
> 	http://www.linux-ide.org/chipsets.html
> true test is...
> 	- install your root-raid setup....
> 	- reboot make sure it normally all works .. than test "raid0/1"
> 	- power down and disconnect hda
> 	- power up and if hw raid isn't working, its dead...
> 	- do the same with the other disk
> 	if its "truely" hardware raid0/1... disconnecting a drive
> 	should still boot the system in degraded raid mode

Uhmm, OK. Thanks, this is something I'm going to test when we get
that IDE RAID box I ordered last week...

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