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RE: Several Beginner Questions

>===== Original Message From jshep@eden.rutgers.edu =====
>How do I access /dev/fd0?

Create a new directory, or use an existing one. You'll probably have /mnt 
already. Using that directory, the command would be:
  mount /dev/fd0 /mnt
as root. Then "ls /mnt" to list the files on the floppy. When you're done with 
the floppy, don't just pop it out. Unmount it first with
  umount /mnt
(notice umount, not unmount). This will flush the cache and let the system 
know you're done with the floppy. Then pop it out.

>How do I access my CD-ROM drive?  (It is the slave on
>the 2nd IDE).

  mount /dev/hdc /mnt

  umount /mnt

(You might want to create a directory like "/mnt/cdrom" or just "/cdrom" or 
"/home/myuser/cdrom" and then mount to that mount point instead of to "/mnt". 
It's your choice.)

>My modem is an internal PCI modem; I do not beleive it
>is a winmodem.  How do I set it up?

If it's internal and PCI, it's almost certainly a winmodem. However, if it has 
a lucent chipset, you might be in business. Search google for lucent and linux 
and you'll probably find the driver. IIRC, it's available in .deb format, so 
it's a breeze to set up. Just "dpkg -i <driver.deb>" and then just do the 
normal set up ("pppconfig" followed by "pon" to connect, then netscape or lynx 
or ftp or whatever, followed by "poff" to disconnect).

If it's not a lucent chip set, visit the ComputerGeeks web site (I never can 
remember the address, something like compgeek.com); they have good deals on 
externals every so often; I just picked up a no-name (cross your fingers and 
knock on wood :-)  56K ext for $24 +$10S&H; a friend of mine got a 56K ext 
USRobotics for the same price a few weeks before.


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