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Re: Ensoniq/SB PCI 128 & woody

I haven't used the OSS sound modules in a while,  but I know from experience that the ALSA 0.5 drivers (with OSS compatibility) build correctly for me and the ALSA 0.9 drivers do not.  0.9 doesn't build the mixer device for my card, for some reason.

I have not tried to install the binary packages for ALSA 0.5.

Oh, and xamixer2 says there's no such device when I try to control this card, but gamixer works just fine.

F. Edward Barrett

F. Edward Barrett
Network Specialist, Traverse Area District Library

>>> Cristian Degli Esposti Boschi <desposti@DF.UNIBO.IT> 02/19/02 10:46AM >>>
Hi there,

I'm posting this message hoping that someone could help me
in taking a step forward with respect to what I found up to
now on the Internet.
I have installed a Debian Testing
(woody) on my PC and I was not able to hear a note from the
sound card - a Sound Blaster Audio PCI 128.

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