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Re: procmail filter to catch ????????????????????

On Tue, 19 Feb 2002 13:53:20 +0000
Anthony Campbell <ac@acampbell.org.uk> wrote:

>  > Thats where the text is in Chinese or Korean or some such character
>  > set.  Just set procmail to block that character set and you'll never see
>  > them again.  Unless of course you do speak Korean in which case its back
>  > to the drawing board ;-)
>  > 
>  I know that's what it is but my question is: how do I block it?
>  Actually I made a mistake in posting the filter I've tried; it's
>  actually: 
>  :0:
>  * ^Subject:.*[\0-9\][\0-9\][\0-9\][\0-9\][\0-9\]
>  junkfile
>  From my reading of the regexp docs I thught this should catch all long
>  number sequences enclosed in \, but I don't think it's right.

Speaking of regexp there are are two nice programs which allows you to
interactively check them (sort of like a spellcheck): regexplorer and
visual-regexp. The latter even has a "Make regexp" function that allows
you to "compute" a regexp from a given word list. The results aren't
always as elegant as can be. But they do give you a hint, especially if
you're new at ,say, procmail rules writing.



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