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Re: Problem with postfix relaying

also sprach Jeff <jcoppock1@attbi.com> [2002.02.18.0103 +0100]:
> > I have brackets around this in my main.cf. I do not know if this
> > is your problem, but this line is all I needed to do:
> > 
> > relayhost = [my.isp.mail.server.com]
> Brackets are not necessary, so that's not the problem.  Are you sure
> your hostname and origin settings are correct?  Are on a network
> that the server will listen too (your IP address)?

brackets will make it use the A record or IP address straight, rather
than asking postfix to figure out the MX record first.


  host my.isp.mail.server.com

and obtain the IP from the result. then, do these two:

  ping <ipaddress>
  telnet <ipaddress> 25

report what you see. also, what's the entries in /var/log/mail.log,
and the output of the `mailq` command?

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