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* Robert L. Harris (Robert.L.Harris@rdlg.net) spake thusly:
>   I'm trying to do a first time cups install for my HP parallel printer.
> The "cupsomatic-ppd" package in sid claims to have the cupsomatic script
> to configure it but I'm not finding it.
>   Is there a tool to easily configure cups for one of these?

Last time I did that I used web interface to set up cups with
plain hp ppd (ppd for my printer wasn't in the list), replaced
/etc/cups/ppds/myprinter.ppd (IIRC) with the correct ppd, and
then went back to cups web interface to set up things like
installed trays, duplex unit etc. I think I found the ppd on
adobe website, or maybe it was hp... anyway, google found it.

I dunno why anyone would bother with any scripts -- all you need
is a browser, google and cp.

Surely there is a polite way to say FOAD.                        -- Shmuel Metz
"Go forth and multiply".                                         -- Paul Martin

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