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Re: floppy tape

I gave up on the 2.2 kernels - never got it working properly with them - played for days with it.

Good news is I have it working with 2.4.x (17 at least)
I scrapped the module and compiled it statically into the kernel and it works.

Otherwise - just a guess from your kernel but my old modules.conf says,

# Bleeding edge ftape driver from ftape-module
options ftape ft_fdc_driver=ftape-internal,none,none,none
options ftape-internal ft_fdc_base=0x3f0 ft_fdc_irq=6 ft_fdc_dma=2
pre-install ftape-internal /usr/bin/swapout 15

# ftape driver from 2.2 kernel (Comment previous three lines and uncomment the next one) # options ftape ft_fdc_rate_limit=1000 ft_fdc_threshold=16 ft_fdc_base=0x360 ft_fdc_irq=9 ft_fdc_dma=

So maybe it's the wrong ftape module you have?


There is no www.ftape.org I guess you mean

Of course I already read those docs, and the docs from the
ftape-doc package, which is almost the same, but it didn't help
to solve my problem. Perhaps you can give me a hint?

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> www.ftape.org
> see -> FAQ, howto, etc.............
> Christian Schoenebeck wrote:
> > I've got problems installing my Iomega Ditto 2GB floppy tape. I tried to
> > install the
> >
> > ftape.o module with ft_fdc_driver=ftape-internal.none,none,none but I
> > always get
> >
> > a "wrong parameter parm_ft_fdc_driver" error.
> >
> > Also I haven't found the ftape-internal.o module which is needed for
> > that, isn't it?
> >
> > I thought I have to recompile the kernel with ftape-internal.o as
> > loadable module
> > but couldn't find an option for that in ther kernel config (I`m using
> > 2.2.19pre17).
> >

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