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Re: dangling symlink

On Tuesday 12 February 2002 04:44 pm, Michel Loos wrote:
> >
> > Does /usr/share/man/man7/undocumented.7.gz exist?  Sounds like a
> > strange name...
>  Yes it exists: it says you that the program is undocumented :)
> not very usefull: kdm as no man documentation anyway

really--no documentation exist for kdm? then why does a find on kdm turn up 
the following:


and a find on undocumented* turns up nothing at all?

okay, i take that back. i did an ls -al /usr/share/man/man7* and got this:

-rw-r--r--    1 root     root         1314 May 16  2001 pam-undocumented.7.gz

man pam-undocumented verifies what michel says, but also says:

  This program, utility or function does not have  a  useful
  manpage.   There is however documentation available for it
  in the libpam-doc package, which  contains  The  Linux-PAM
  System  Administrator's  Guide,  The Linux-Pam Application
  Developer's  Guide,  and  The  Linux-Pam  Module  Writer's

who knew?

perhaps this should be an addendum to the bug report.


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