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Re: fsck'ing a rw-mounted partition and display power management in X (was: 2 questions)

"a" <softguy@citiz.net> writes:

> 1.how to fsck /dev/hda3 which is root? it's mounted rw, and fsck warns it is
> dangerous to check it.

You need to remount it read-only (ro). See mount(8) for details:

mount /dev/hda3 -o remount,ro

e2fsck /dev/hda3

mount /dev/hda3 -o remount,rw

> 2.in MS-Windows, the monitor is turned down (the LED blinks) after a period
> of in-activity. In X, it just blanks. what is the difference? how to make
> the LED blinks in X?

Consider adding the line: option "dpms" to your XF86Config file
in the monitor section. Example:

Section "Monitor"
    Identifier  "acer aspire 55s"
    HorizSync   30-54
    VertRefresh 50-110
    option "dpms"


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