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I have a little problem with debian. Upto now I was
using red-hat7.2 (and windows before that).
While copying some data comp becomes unstable. If I'm
listenin mp3 it stops. jumps.. Or while copying if I
type I can't see the letters on the screen as quickly
as it should be! Mouse pointer doesn't move smoothly
while copying etc..
Not only copying, for ex after installing a package it
happens too.
I asked some people at irc.debian.org . Most of them
said that this not a problem with debian, this a
hardware problem. Then I explained that this only
happens with debian.
So they said that it can be about my kernel vers
,because red-hat 7.2 has 2.4 , on the other hand
debian has 2.2. They told me to build my own kernel??
Actually I was thinking of LFS for sometime.. But I'm
not sure now using debian as a base system for LFS..
Can anyone recommend me something about this?? I don't
have much time and using debian in this condition is a

So help needed urgently..

Thank you


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