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Re: Re: HELP. I can't login as root !!!

Paul 'Baloo' Johnson wrote:

>On Tue, 5 Feb 2002, David Turetsky wrote:
>> Can Microsoft be far behind?
>We already know they're far behind, the question is will they catch up?
>The answer to the question is no.

He he he...

To further, I think that even if MS opens the complete source of its Windows OS,
they still won't catch up if they would insist that their future build of
Windows would still be based on the current Windows code base. Windows' faults
was inherent to its design - a desktop OS and not a network OS. I think that
they better throw it all together and go back to their past with Xenix (since
it's somehow based on Unix) then build from that point. MS has just made enough
money with lots of junk code that they can't abandon the junk-laden Windows
code base anymore... MS is only interested in further making more money at the
expense of quality as to why they sticked with the MS-DOS code base

Anyway, that's only analyzing on code quality. If we'll include their present
disposition (and their attitude) -- MS would always have a buggy "network OS"
that would be the laughing stock of Linux and Unix-based OS users. Goodness -
even Apple adopted to the superior and proven model of simplicity in the heart
of the OS with Darwin as base of MacOSX.

Paolo Falcone


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