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Re: Promise Ultra100 TX2 IDE Controller card Support

* Maurice Helwig (moritz@spin.net.au) wrote:
> I am new to linux and I have decided to use Debian. My problem is that I am using a Promise Ultra100 TX2 IDE controller card. Promise do not seem to provide a driver for it although I was told that they do when I bought the card.
> My Question is ---
> Does the latest version of Debian support the Promise Ultra100 TX2 IDE controller card and where do I get the appropiate driver for it.
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> Maurice Helwig
> moritz@spin.net.au
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  It works beautifully on two machines that I have Debian GNU/Linux on.
Running kernel 2.4.1x series, of course. You just have to enable 

CONFIG_BLK_DEV_PDC202XX=y (from .config)
which reads as enable PROMISE 20...... in 'make xconfig'

besides your usual IDE stuff under block devices. 


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