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RE: W32/Myparty


I also run Free Agent, though just for the newsgroups.
My MUA of choice is Outlook (no flames please, I'm tired
of them) and I have actually never had any problems with
it.  I do virus scanning on the mail gateway, before it
even gets to reaching Outlook and by disabling a majority
of attachments (.doc, .vbs, etc.) it isn't too much to
worry about.


Jeremy L. Gaddis     <jeremy@gaddis.org>

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On Fri, 01 Feb 2002 09:18:44 +0100, Chris Mueller wrote:

>At 00:11 -0500 01.02.2002, Jeremy L. Gaddis wrote:
>>Are you saying that when I decide to read the debian-* lists
>>I'm subscribed to, I should close Outlook,
>For your own advantage
>you should close Outlook - for ever.
>And switch to Eudora.
>Under Win oder Mac.
>Since Eudora is a separate programm
>and not so closely connected to the WinOS,
>viruses can' get active that easily,
>e.g. vbs-attachments.

May  I suggest Forte' Agent for mail on a Win box?  It is text based,
will let you inspect attachments/html in raw form, and will warn and
query you should you try to open an executable.  I've been using it for
2 years now and if there is a reason not to, I haven't run into it.  You
can download a free version called Free Agent.  I think the news reader
is crippled on the free version.  I don't know if it runs ads.

My mail will have to come through a Win machine for a while yet, so
Agent is my protection against hostile email.  I tried Eudora, but, for
some reason I can't recall, it didn't thrill me.
Yes I fear I am living beyond my mental means--Nash

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