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Re: Total lockups using ext3

Romain Lerallut writes:
 > Thanks also to Andrew and caphuso on #debian for how to remove the
 > journal (I'll read some more man tune2fs :)

Actually, the tune2fs thing just removes the flag that says it has a
journal.  If you have a .journal file or files lying around and want
to get rid of them, then try something like:

% chattr -i /path/to/mount/point/.journal
% rm /path/to/mount/point/.journal

However, the file isn't that big, and I believe you can still use it
when you switch back to ext3--never had any experience with prolonged
ext2 on an ext3 partition before, though, so you might want to ask the 
ext3 folks on their mailing list if this option interests you
(although recreating the journal isn't a big deal, either):


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