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Re: program to repair broken avi-videos?

On Sun, 2002-02-03 at 07:47, Bruno Boettcher wrote:
> Hello!
> i have several avi encoded videos that stop playing (with mplayer) at
> specifyed positions in the file:
> unknown segment type: 0xEA  % 
> ASF_parser: warning! segment len=10904
> 01422F73:  UNKNOWN TYPE  E0 A8 40 C3 A8...
> if i skip over that error, the thing plays fine.... is there by any
> means possible to cut out that faulty part, or somehow repair it? with
> what software?

Not sure, ASF may be a problem, but checkout...


Very powerful tools. Maybe you can cut all the video up to just before
it and then all after the next keyframe, then rejoin?

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