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Re: moving windows - again

Karsten Bolding wrote:
> However the reason being, I moved wife and kids from Windows 98 to Linux a 
> few weeks ago and they are all happy about it - so I just wanted to shrink 
> the Windows partition from 13GB before to 2-3GB - to keep  a few essentials - 
> Lego Studios - in this case. And since I did not want to image the
> partion but move it I thought tar was more appropriate than dd.

I have moved several Win95 and Win98 partitions. 

Make sure you have a Windows 98 Start Up floppy (you will not need cdrom support)
and a way to boot into linux via floppy (I use tmsrtbt.)

You will need to use the Win 98 floppy to create the fat32 partitions.
Don't use linux fdisk to create fat32 partitions.

When you are ready to copy the old partition to the new partition, you
can take your pick as to how you copy the old to the new.

cd /mnt/old (the original Win98 partition)

tar cf - . | (cd /mnt/new; tar xvf - )


cp -vaf . /mnt/new


find . | cpio -puvmdB /mnt/new

Note: If lilo does not work, boot with your linux floppy (tomsrtbt) and fix
lilo. If you cannot boot Windows, boot off the Windows 98 Start Up floppy
and run `sys c:` at the dos prompt. Remove the floppy and reboot your new
Windows partition.

When Windows is up and running, you should probably run scandisk just to
make sure everything is OK. 

The tar trick comes from pp. 193-194 of Running Linux, 3rd Edition, by
Welsh, Dalheimer & Kaufman.

David Raeker-Jordan
Harrisburg, PA, USA

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