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RE: 100mbit nic: intel or 3com?

On Sat, 2 Feb 2002, Igor Mozetic wrote:

>> What are peoples experiences with switches ?  For the office where the co.
>> pays, I would have to recommend cisco for the same reasons.  But for the
>> soho or home network, cisco is not cost feasible.   How well do small
>> switches scale ?  How many devices/traffic to saturate ?
>We have both 3com (905B) and Intel (EExpress Pro100) and both run fine.
>There is only one catch with Cisco switches - they don't autonegotiate
>with 3com, so one has to set the switch ports to 100Mb/FullDuplex.

Really???!!! Is this a targetted incompatibility? There is no good reason
why autonegotiation would work with one type, and not another. The only
way to tell if a NIC was from 3Com, would be to check its MAC address. I
wonder if it would work if you change the first three octets of the MAC
address of the NIC, as this would prove they Cisco are playing silly
buggers. (The first three octets of a MAC address identify the

Cameron Kerr

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