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Re: Accelerated NVidia XWindows ? ....

On Sat, 2002-02-02 at 15:26, hanasaki wrote:

> The Voodoo had a tdfx kernel module that enabled DRI and acceleration of 
> XWindows.  It does not look like there is DRI support for the NVidia 
> chips.  How is acceleration and DRI accomplished.

Real 3D acceleration is only with nvidias closed source drivers. You
need drivers and a kernel module. There are debs you can install which
will pull the drivers from nvidias ftp site and install them. For the
kernel module you need wget, kernel-source-2.4.x and the kernel-package.
Then cd /usr/src/kernel-source-2.4.x; make-kpkg modules_install

For the nvidia packages do apt-cache search nvidia
Make sure to read the nvidia readme that gets installed in
/usr/share/doc/nvidia* for Options to set in XF86Config-4 for stuff like

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